Recommendations To Parents

1. Parents and guardians are requested to cooperate with the school authorities in all matters concerning formation and education of their children. Parents are to look into the school hand book and the parent portal EVERY EVENIGNG and see that the home-work assigned for the next day is done.

2. When communicating with the Principal, please mention in the letter the name, standard and section of the ward.

3. Parents are requested not to enter the class rooms. All dealings with the teachers must be conducted through the Principal.

4. Parents, are particularly expected to sign the principal’s or teacher’s remarks in the diary after reading them. Failure to do this may put their children to great inconvenience.

5. Criticism of child’s teacher or the school in the presence of child should be avoided as it is likely to harm the child. Legitimate complaints should be reported to Principal.

6. If the Parents have any grievance against any of the teachers, they are advised to meet the Principal and settle the matter amicably.

7. We strongly discourage Parents arranging private tutions for the child.

8. As the medium of instruction in this school is English, the children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.

9. Reports on general progress will be given in the progress reports. These should be studied carefully and returned to the school authorities signed by the Parents or Guardian within three days.

10. Children who are ill should not be sent to the school to attend class or take test.

11. Parents are expected to attend Parent-Meet Teacher-Sessions and sign the register kept with the class teacher. Failure to attend at least two such sessions will force the school authorities to conclude that the parents/guardians are not sufficiently interested in the education of their son/daughter in the school.

12. PARENTS OF CLASS XII: Kindly make sure that your ward has given the pre-board examination and clear all the papers with a minimum of 40% in all subjects.

13. Students who may have to be taken early due to unforeseen reasons the parents themselves must come to the Principal office with the parent ID card to take their children home. Children will not be sent along with uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and drivers.

14. All powers relating to disciplinary action against the students shall vest in the Principal as per the C.B.S.E. guidelines.

15. Students are advised to take care of their ID cards. The loss of damage of which must be promptly reported. Duplicate ID will be issued only on payment of Rs. 200/-

15. The school does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by the pupil, or unintended negligence or natural disaster, while in the school. When a student falls ill or meets with an accident, the school provides only the first aid. Parents must collect their wards when contacted.

16. All notices shall be displayed on the displayed on the website and it shall be presumed that the students have the knowledge of the same. Any negligence to read the notices and the loss thereafter will not be the responsibility of the School.

17. Any unscheduled holidays may be made good by the school without prior intimation to the parents/guardians.

18. Students shall neither drive or bring four/two wheelers to the School campus.

19. The School reserves the right to delete, to add or amend the rules & regulations given above as and when deems necessary.