Leave Rules


No student who has been absent on the previous day will be allowed to attend class unless her/his parent has entered an explanation stating the reason for the absence in the ‘Leave record’ section of the school hand book.


In case of absence of more than three days on medical grounds, medical certificate shall be submitted along with the application for leave.


If the student is absent without leave for more than 7 days his/her name will be automatically be struck off the rolls and re-admission may not be granted.


There is no provision for the half day leave. So students who are not well should not be send to school even on exam/test days.


Parents are not allowed to take the child home during school hours. In case of emergency; parents or the guardian will come personally to school with the parent ID card. The security of your child is our priority so the parent ID card is must when you come to take your child.


No medical privilege shall be granted at the annual examination.